Alongside his father and grandfather, Midwestern picker Samuel Sloma has spent decades digging through the garages, barns and basements of the dead. Born a new player to an old pastime, Sloma was raised along rows of old warehouses and closing five-and-dime stores, amongst classic symbols of untold stories. Nostalgia for a well made—albeit destructive—American past has forever been stapled to his dreams.

These relics, each thoughtfully haggled and scored, emerged as symbols of industrial beauty begging to be shared with the people in his life. In 2009, founded on the spirit of storytelling and rugged individualism that made the West wild, the Rust Belt Americana brand was born.

Over 400 crude, handcrafted pieces of Rust Belt Americana jewelry have since been sold to vintage enthusiasts around the world. With each exchange, the imagination of a buyer is bound to Rust Belt Americana’s creative crossroads: a space where the murky past is ever-present, but a malleable future remains in sight.


The creative mission of Rust Belt Americana is to celebrate American authenticity on a modern stage where the implied and tangible harmoniously collide, and the goal of my brand is to help men and women self-identify with bygone moments in time. Rooted in the history of eras past, I invite you to create and define new chapters for yourself.


I take pride in the process that drives my work – a return to the slow, thoughtful, and always well-made. Infused with genuine Midwestern sensibility, all Rust Belt Americana jewelry is composed with calloused hands and an open heart.

Our storytelling takes shape through tools passed along by my grandfather: simple antique wire cutters, two sets of needle-nose pliers, a pair of watchmaking pliers, and a vice. These building blocks are Rust Belt Americana’s lifeline to your self-expression.